March 30, 2009

Ideas for easter (egg decorating)

…Easter egg animals

Polka DottedBefore decorating or creating your egg animals, or any other kind of egg decorating, you need to empty the eggs so it will last.

In order to empty  the egg you have to poke one side of the egg witha  utility knife and the other end with a paper clip, both of these steps have to be done carefully so the egg does not break. Then stir the yolk and with an ear syringe squeeze so the content comes out. Now you are ready to decorate you egg!

The steps to create an egg animal are easy:

  1. First, you have to think which animal you want to create (cow, pig, bunny, chick, ladybug which ever you want).
  2. Second, dye or paint the egg accordingly with the animal you have chosen, if you want to paint the cow paint some black spots, the bunny could stay white, the ladybug dye it red and once dry paint some black dots.
  3. Once dried paint the eyes and the mouth. After this you can make the ears the beak with crepe paper or some felt.
  4. Then, what about the legs, or antenas? Well, what about gluing some pipe cleaner legs!

Egg PigsEgg chickensEgg Ladybug


 … Original dying for easter eggs

Aren’t you tired of always of dying the easter eggs the same way? Well here we give you some ideas to creat, orginal, and beautiful easter eggs!

The eggs can be dyed with metallic colours such as gold, silver or copper, then choose a a big basket where to put them. Decorate the basket with ribbons of the same metallic colours or, with some other colour that you like.

As in the top picture then you can add some polka dots, to give them a different touch.

Not so sure about the metallic easter eggs, well what about sparkly ones?

Metallic Easter EggsFor glittered eggs you have two options, the first one is to cover the eggs completly with sparkles, or draw something on the eggs with sparkles (also can use double sided stickers for it)

GLittered Easter EggsIf you want to have some glittered eggs then :

  1. With liquid glue and a brush carefully draw something on the egg (dots, flowers, face) or use the double sided stickers.
  2. Roll the egg on glitter, that has been previously put on a dish.
  3. Blow carefully one the eggs to remove excess
  4. Let it dry

If what you want is fully glittered eggs then with a brush cover the egg with glu ( holding it carefully with tweezers) and then roll it on the glitter and blow to remove the excess.

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