April 1, 2009

Fun easter crafts!(envelope and basket)

… Bunny Envelope

This is a very original and easy way to send your best easter wishes!


  • Take a rectangular envelope
  • Close it up
  • Take it vertically and in the back draw the ears (picture bellow)
  • Cut the envelope with the shape of the ears you have drawn.Envelope1. In a pink colored paper draw the shape of the inside of the ear. Cut them and glue them to the ears of the envelope. 

2. In a balck paper cut to circles for they eyes and glue them to the evenelope. 

3. With some cotton make the puffy nose and the tale.

4. And last but not least draw the mouth.

Last step put something in the envelope! Candy, a letter, what ever you wish!


Your Bunny envelope is done!

… The Basket

The basket is key for the easte egg hunt! Panier

In order to make the bunny easter basket you will need white, balck and pinck  thick paper a mik carton.

The steps to take:

  1. Cut the top of the milk carton.
  2. Cover it with the white paper (or pink which ever color you want you bunny to be)
  3. In another peace of paper raw the ears, cut them and glue them to the carton, draw the eyes and the mouth.
  4. Cut to black circles  to fit inside the eyes and glue them.
  5. Then paint a nose in a pink paper, also cut it and glue it to the carton.
  6. To make the handles use a ribbon  or some thin rope.Lapin

Suggestions: You can also make this wonderful basket with other kind or cartons, such as a Pringles carton. Colors can aslos be changed, be original!

Enjoy the easter crafts!


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