April 17, 2009

What to do this week end?

…High School Musical Singalong

Sing alongOnly april 18th and 19th in the Prince Charles Cinema you will be able to enjoy the High School Musical Singalong movie. One inportant requirement, you need to sing! Senior Year is the latest film in the highly popular television and film series from Disney. Famous for its catchy, contemporary songs, the film would seem to be perfectly suited for the sing-a-long-a treatment.

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…Monsters vs.  Aliens

Monsters vs. AliensSusan, an ordinary woman who’s hit by a meteor on her wedding day and suddenly grows to 50 feet tall. She’s immediately captured by the military, led by General W. R. Monger, and taken to a secret government facility (i.e. Area 51), where she’s renamed Ginormica and locked away with four other monsters: blue, blob-like Bob ; fish-man Link; mad scientist Doctor Cockroach and the enormous Insectosaurus, who actually looks more like a giant mutated hamster.
Initially, Susan despairs of ever seeing daylight again, but when galactic overlord Gallaxhar announces his plan to wipe out humanity, President Hathaway decides that the monsters are Earth’s only hope against the invading aliens and our five heroes are pressed into action.

…Shakespear’s birthday!!

To have a great start of the week you can go and celebrate Shakespear birthday at the Globe in the Bankside.

It is Shakespear’s 445th borthday!. Go to the Globe  to celebrate and have some fun. There will be workshops and fun games for the entire familyto enjoy. Also you will have the chance to listen to the actors recite some of his most known sonnets. This will take place April 18th 19 th and on St. George day the 23rd.

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