April 20, 2009

Happy Saint George day!!!

Happy St. George daySaint George’s day is around the corner and there are an incredible amount of things to do around town! Here we give you a few things that might interest you.

…Shakespear’s birthday!!

To have a great and different Saint George day you can go and celebrate Shakespear’s birthday  and anniversary at the Globe in the Bankside if you have not done it yet on the 23rd.

If Shakespear had been alive he would be 445 years old, last week. Go to the Globe  to celebrate his birthday. There will be workshops and fun games for the entire family. Also you will have the chance to listen to the actors recite some of his most known sonnets.

In case you did not know, St. George day is as well the international day of the book, to commemorate de death of two great writers that died on that day, William  Shakespear and Miguel de Cervantes, so visiting the Globe to celebrate Shakespear’s birthday and anniversary is a great idea to celebrate the international day of the book!

… At Trafalgar Sqare

On April 25th Trafalgar square will be the palce to hear some of the most well known English music with different touch. Concerts will put a modern flavor to the traditional folk music that is usually heard in this season.

…St. George Festival at St. George Gardens (april 23rd and 25th)

Here you will have teh traditional Punch and Judy show, juggles, treats and tones of fun! Starting at 3:00 pm you will be able to enjoy  the Bollywood Bangles dancers that will be giving a special live performance for St Georges Day at St Georges Gardens.


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