April 29, 2009

Ideas for original presents

… Wrapping the present

Present WrapIf your present goes into a box here is a wonderful idea of how originally wrap the present. Chose a picture that the person receiving it will like.  Photocopy it in black and white or in colour, it does not matter. Wrap the paper with a paper you like, and glue the picutre on top of it. This is an original way to wrap the gift and to give it a personal touch. You can even use a newspaper as a wrap and then glue a black and white picture.

... Floral pieces

This will only work with flowers that do not need watering, therefore sinthetic flowers.

JarrónJarrónFor this you will need a see through vase, and something to put inside like buttons, candy (without the wrap) jelly beans, stones, marbles, pearls, whatever you like. Put this into the vase and carefully introduce the flowers so the stem does not break. This can work as a beautiful center piece.


… Edible present

Centro de frutasWhat do you need? A recipient (a basket or a nice box), a big playdough ball, fruit and long thin sticks to put through the fruit.

How to make it: Cut the fruit that needs  into different shapes, like in the picture you can cut it as shapes of flowers, squares, circles,… be original! Fill the sticks with fruit, but only half way.

Put the playdough ball into the recipient and then add the fruit sticks. If there are empty spaces, fill them with green leaves, like laurel leaves.

Suggestions: use fruits of different colours, to make it as colourful as possible.

If you want more ideas go to:



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