April 29, 2009

Need ideas for original homemade presents? Here we tell you how to make them

In here we give you ideas for original homemade presents that people will love and enjoy. They are easy to make and they are something different and original, and also creating the present will give it a personal touch.

… Candle presents

candle vaseCandle set: What you need: Small transparent glass, candle that will fit into the glass and paint for the glass (it has to be a paint that will end up transparent as well)

How to make it: Paint the glass, it can be plain, but you can also paint stripes, polka-dots, or draw a butterfly like in the picture. Do this on other glasses so you will create a nice set. Introduce the candle. Once the candle is lit it will create an original fun effect. You can use scented candles.


Floating candlesFloating candles: What you need: See through vase, floating candles and something colourful to introduce into the vase.

How to make it: Fill the vase with water, introduce for example the fruit you have chosen and then the candle.

Suggestions: colour coordinate the candle with whatever you introduce into the water. You can put inside the vase, flowers, flower petals, fruits, stones, marbles, something fun! If you put something perishable you should be aware that you will have to change it from time to time.

… Picture Presents

Flower Picture HolderFlower Picture Holder: What you need: Green straws, crêpe paper, something circular, small and rigid (like a button),  a glass that could work as a vase, it can either be plastic or glass.

How to make it: Begin by cutting the crêpe paper in a flower shape, cut many layers. Once cut, glue the layers together one on top of the other to make the shape of flower petals, glue the botton on top in the middle. On the other hand  make a small incision in the straws big enough to hold the picture. Glu the flower to the straw and repeat these steps to make as many flowers as you want. Once you are done put the flowers into the  vase, then insert the picture into the incision. 

Suggestions: do not mach the center of the flower with the flower petals, this way it will be more colourful. Paint the vase, either with opaque or transparent paint.

FramePicture Frame: What you need: rigid cardboard, coloured paper, a picture and something to decorate the frame, here we will use heart shaped paper cuts.

How to make it: Cut the cardboard in the shape you want the frame to have. Then cut the center in which the picture will be seen. Decorate the frame with the heart shaped cuts. Once the frame has dried glue the picture into the back of the frame and then cover it with the coloured paper.

Suggestions: Instead of heart shaped paper cuts you can cover the frame with a nice peace of  fabric, with smaller pictures, you can write something, let the imagination flow!

Have fun!!

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