May 12, 2009

Museums at Night

Museums at NightMuseums at Night 2009 is a nationwide event organised by Culture24 bringing together museums and galleries around the country for a series of out of hours events. Whether you’re a regular museum goer or someone who normally walks past without venturing in then this is the night for you. There is a huge range of events on offer that range from family friendly events, tours, and debates to ghostly readings and evenings of music and dance. Museums at Night 2009 will take place on the third weekend in May from 15-17 to coincide with the Europe wide campaign La Nuit de Musées that takes place on Saturday 16 May 2009.

Each of the individual museums taking part will be deciding how and when to run their event so opening times and dates will vary. The venues involved are never usually open so late, so the weekend marks a rare opportunity to take in their exhibitions at a potentially more convenient, and certainly more exciting, hour.

For more information about what to do go to:

For family friendly events:

… Coraline (PG)

CoralineCoraline Jones moves into the Pink Palace Apartments with her writer mother Mel and father Charlie. The girl explores her creaky, new home and meets the neighbours: downstairs, she is enthralled by fading British musical hall divas Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, while upstairs, eight-feet tall Russian giant Mr Bobinsky cracks a whip over his circus of jumping mice…


 …Cinderella on Ice

Cinderella on IceThe Imperial Stars put on an elegantly enthralling display of Cinderella on Ice at The Churchill Theathrein Bromley. The standard of skating is high – between the 25 skaters they hold over 200 ice skating competition medals – for this top quality production which includes ambitious choreography, imaginative set design and dramatic special effects. As part of the ‘Cinderella will go to the ball’ scene, for example, the pumkin-turned-carriage is outlined in a blazing string of lights. But it’s the ‘dancing on ice’ performances that really impress, executing balletic movements while spinning around on the ice is truly a feat of balance.


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