June 16, 2009

More ideas for presents for dad on his special day!!!


These presents are very creative and different and above all easy to make! It will help to increase your child’s creativity.

¡Frames made out of modelling clay, pencil holders, cards!

… Apron

If your dad is a man who likes to cook this will be a perfect present. Buy or make a plane  apron and let the kids draw or write something on it. This is very easy and fun!

… Play dough frame.

 This is a very easy present to make.

Material:Play dough frame

  • Card board
  • Different colour play dough Knitting
  • Needle, or something with a round end.
  • Varnish, better if it comes in Spray.


Play dough framHow is it done?

Extend the play dough on the board as the background, and then with the needle paint anything you want. Fill the drawing with more play dough of other colours. Put the varnish on top one it is finished so it does not get ruined.

… Pencil Holder


  • A can, careful with the ends, it cuts.
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue for cans


How is it done?

Pencil HolderGlue the paper to the can, You can cut the paper in different shapes to make it more original, use the colours of his soccer team for example. And it is done. Another idea is to decorate it with the shape of a face or an animal. Here we show you the example of a cat. 

To make the cat you have to glue a big piece of paper around the can, or paint the can. Cut the shape of the eyes in black and yellow paper, the yellow cuts are glued first and have to be bigger than the black one. Next step is the nose, that it is done with a small pink triangle. In order to make the ears you have to cut two black triangles and glue them on the inside of the can.



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