June 26, 2009

Ideas for your kids parties

The most important thing to do at the time of planning a party is to choose the party theme. Once the theme is chosen everything will go on its own.

… Pirate theme

Treasure chestThe pirate theme party has always been a success. Every one enjoys it even, the big ones. A pirate costume is very easy to make, you just need a striped shirt, a bandana tied one the head, an eye patch and rolled jeans. Something that you have to remember is that there is always someone that might have forgotten that there is a them to the party, so just be ready at the door with a box of eye patches, bandanas and/ or hooks.

When it is time to decorate the house you need to be coherent with the theme and the games you have thought for them to play. A good idea is to have two areas that represent two different boats so they can play to invade each others boat. Another great game that goes along with the theme is a treasure hunt. If there are too many children just divide them in two groups and have each group to find a treasure. Give them a map with easy hints so they can find the treasure. Remember to put some chocolate coins in the chest!

Tiara… A fairy’s party

Girls have always liked princesses and fairies; use this to prepare a great party. As in the pirates party, remember that there might be people who have forgotten that the party has a theme, so have a box with tiaras and wands or tutus (ballet skirt) so they can dress up.

Table settingIn order to decorate the house use pink and white tones, do the same for the table setting. In order to give a magical touch to the room or gardem use icicle lights around the ceiling. Some games that they might enjoy is to make some wands and tiaras, something you can not forget for this is lots and lots of glitter.

… For any party

• Play traditional games, everyone will enjoy them and will know how to play along.

• You can always have a set of facial painting. Even if you are not an specialist kids will not mind.

• If you give prices, remember that at the end of the day every kid needs to have won something.

• A box of lost items is always a good idea when you begin to find things that you do not know who the owner is.

• For the food, always have something simple like sandwiches, they will eat it for sure.



Adapted from Children Parties


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