July 23, 2009

Home made Costumes

Home made costumes are the best ones. Kids enjoy while making them and they can be modified to their taste.

… Bats/ Batman Bat

You need Black clothing for your kids, and a small black umbrella. The how to: You cut the umbrella with pliers so you end up with the fabric. Carefully sow the fabric to the top of the costume, do not forget to sow it to the sleeves as well. Your bat costume is done! If you want a Batman instead of a bat you just need to add a mask to transform your child into a superhero. Do not forget to add something soft to the ends of the umbrella so your child does no hurt anyone by accident.

… Little Lobster.

Little LobsterThis costume is easier to make than what you think. You need red clothing and felt. Ping-Pong balls wire and cotton, and red hat. Cut the red felt with the shape of pincers and sow them to the end of the sleeves. For the head: cover the wire with cotton and then cover this with what you have left of the red felt. At one end attach the Ping-Pong balls and the other end to the hat.

… Hulla Dancers

This costume is a bit more complicated to make. Hulla DancersWhat you need: rope-style mop heads, wide ribbon and if you want to make the Lei you need gift bows. In order to make the skirt you need to separate the ropes of the mop and glue them with patience to the wide ribbon. Leave some ribbon on each side so you can afterwards tie it to your child. Glue a few layers in case some of the ropes fall during the party or event.

To make the Lei you have to glue the gift bows to a thin rope, do the same for the headbands.

For the Ukulele (the little guitar) you need a little box a bigger one, roll ( like the one from the paper towels) and thin ropes to make the strings. In the big box cut a circle. Glue both boxes to each end of the roll. Then from one box to the other glue the thin ropes. Your Hulla Dancer costume is made!

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