August 27, 2009

Back to school crafts

BinderThe summer is coming to an end and kids will have to go back to school soon. Why not make this change fun by doing some back to school crafts?

Personalized Binder: If you have a basic binder you will work directly on top of it. If you have a binder in which you can slide a sheet of paper on the top you will work on a piece of paper.

In order to make this binder, you will need markers and pictures.

First, place the pictures on top of the binder, pivot and move them until you find the best place. Once you’re done with the set up, glue the pictures to the binder (or the sheet of paper) and then draw and write around them with different colour markers. Your new binder is ready!

Ideas: You can also do the same with basic notebooks. Kids will love and enjoy personalizing their school supplies.

BackpackPersonalized Backpack: If you can’t find the right backpack, just create it yourself! Buy a basic plain one and create the perfect school bag!

You can make a nice one  by sewing (or ironing) patches to it, like different flag patches for instance. You can also sew beeds to it, or draw things with a permanent marker. If you decide to draw or sew beeds, you have to use a pencil first in order to create a pattern. Then sew or draw directly on it. Your new backpack is fisnihed!



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