January 22, 2010

Have fun with your kids!!

Wet and cold weather it made for a weekend spent mostly inside, so you, parents, are forced to be creative to keep your boys entertained! Here are more NECK & NECK ideas for all of you!


Homemade Puppets
Old socks, mittens,and lunch bags make interesting hand puppets.
Children love to talk through puppets. This gives them the chance to create their own characters. Use markers to make eyes and noses and yarn for hair. The children can even add clothes, a hat, teeth, or ears.

Make a Newspaper

What you need:
several sheets of paper
safety scissors
construction paper & glue

What you do:
A child can make her own newspaper by drawing or dutting out pictures of events or writing a simple story. The child can mail the newspaper to relatives or friends.

Old hats, shirts, shoes, ribbons, junk jewelry, and other old clothing will occupy a child for hours. Let each child pick out his own costume.

Let’s Play

Preschool children like to play with blocks, trucks, and cars. Often they will make roads for their trucks and cars. Sometimes schools, homes, zoos, and parks appear along the road. Although children may not understand the concept of a map, this is a good time to begin to explain that a map helps people get from one place to another.Maps are all sizes and shapes. They explain a small community, a nation, or the world.
Don’t expect a three- or four-year-old to understand all these concepts, but it’s an introduction to their learning about how to get around the neighborhood and community. Older children may be familiar with the concept of a map. They may want you to explain more and explore more themselves. They may want to go to the library to get a book, like a children’s atlas, and begin activities using it.

Enjoy your weekend!!


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