March 10, 2010

Caring for children’s clothes

The good news is that the days of grass stains and finger paints are still a long way off. Babies produce a surprising amount of dirty laundry, though, and with baby stains, fast action is your best defense.

First, always presoak stains in cool water. Water is enough to remove many spots — especially light ones such as drool and formula — if you get to them while they’re fresh. Even stains that have had time to set will loosen somewhat while they soak in the water. You can use a soft-bristled nylon brush and a small amount of soap to gently work out a spot, but don’t scrub, or you’ll risk damaging the fabric.

After trying to remove a stain, always check for remnants of it before drying clothing — if the mark remains, you’ll have to resort to something stronger. Just remember that babies’ skin is very sensitive; be sure to rinse the clothing thoroughly after treating the stains, and skip the treatments altogether on clothes that will be rubbing right up against your baby’s skin, such as cloth diapers or undershirts.

Here is first NECK & NECK  tip: How to remove chewing gum from clothing?!

One way to remove chewing gum from clothing is to rub with a single ice cube or a small plastic bag filled with ice until the gum hardens.If the gum becomes warm and soft, place it back into the freezer or apply another ice cube.



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