July 5, 2010

Making Summer Plans

Have a look to Annette Berlin’s article, where you will find some useful ideas to provide you kids a funny and also cheap summer!

No money for camp? Not a penny for vacation? How will you and the kids ever survive the summer?

Very well actually, if you’re willing to get creative. You can treat your kids to a fun, educational and el cheapo summer if you learn to look first at the resources you already have access to before taking out your checkbook.

Start with your library. Libraries often have wonderful music, nature and reading programs running from June through August. Most of the programs are free but they do require you to reserve a place ahead of time, so call early to avoid a last minute disappointment.

Next, work your way over to the new book section. Harry Potter is on every library’s most wanted list but maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be the next to find a copy. If not, dig into some good mysteries, historical fiction and how-to books instead.

Then, see what’s available in the crafts section. Our local library has half a dozen books on making “treasure from trash.” Also search for titles on dough crafts, paper crafts and scrap fabric crafts.

Before you leave, be sure to read the “what’s happening” section of your local newspaper (Discounted newspaper subscriptions). Most big cities have free outdoor concerts, puppet shows and art fairs throughout the summer months. See what’s in your neck of the woods.


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