June 2, 2009

On June 5th we all have a date with the planet !

On June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day!


Every year with this event, the United Nations intend to increase people’s awareness about the environment and to stimulate the attention and the political action towards it.

Moreover, this year, thanks to the well-known french fotographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and to the famous french producer Luc Besson, we will enjoy the free presentation of “HOME“, the most awaited environmental movie of the year. It will be showed on the screens of more than 70 countries as weel as on the Internet, (more…)


April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day!

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On April 22, the whole world commemorates Earth Day.

Earth Day

Initiated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement bringing together approximately 20 million Americans with a goal of a healthy, sustainable environment.

It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year as a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

Take this opportunity to make your kids aware and teach them how to preserve Earth’s natural resources.

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