December 9, 2010

Duke Of York Square News


October 28, 2010

Halloween Party!!!

The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and Halloween is just around the corner!!!….

Please, don’t miss the following website!!!

We love it! Plenty of ideas, full of recipes!!!

September 28, 2010

Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

If you are thinking on how to celebrate this Halloween with your kids, keep an eye to these funny handicrafts. Your children enjoy with the preps!!!

Have a look to these pictures…

Do you like it? Do you want to get the “How to”?  Then , click on the following link!!!

Love it!!!

September 6, 2010

Musical Entertainment on Duke of York Square

Set to delight music lovers, The Duke of York Square will play host to an eclectic range of musical artists performing every evening from 6pm to 8pm. This free 7 day music event will be taking place in and around Duke of York Square in the heart of Chelsea.
Enjoy a relaxing meal in one of the many gourmet restaurants accompanied by some light entertainment and soothing ambiance. With many of the stunning boutiques staying open late, there are many reasons to savour the last of the bright summer evenings.
The unique and varied ranges of musical genres are sure to appeal; from jazz and gypsy swing to classical and contemporary there is something for all the family to enjoy.

July 13, 2010

Summer Kids Beach Party

Planning a do-it-yourself children’s beach party? Sun, sand, water, kids – the perfect recipe for summer fun. At  NECK & NECK we think it will be worth the effort!!

Look! we have found a great site – you will find all the details to plan a summer kids beach party!!!

The nice thing about a beach party is it doesn’t require access to a golden sandy beach or seashore. You can plan a kid’s beach party for the backyard and not worry about cleaning up sand. It’s also easy to keep the party budget small and easy on the pocket.

Guest List

Keep the guest list small. A general rule of thumb is: one guest per year of age of the hosting youngster. A seven year old child should have a maximum of seven guests. Ask parents to send a beach towel, sunscreen*, and a change of clothes with their children.


Get your kids involved in the party by letting them design their own handmade invitations. Free beach theme printables that are unique can be found online here

Party Favors

They can also help make party favors for guests. Buy some inexpensive cellophane bags, ribbons, and aquatic themed trinkets at a discount or dollar store. Use items like plastic seahorses, seashells, flip-flop key rings, and ocean colors like blue and white with a punch of neon colors for emphasis to make the beach party bags original and memorable.


Creating an atmosphere for a beach party for kids is simple. Position a plastic kiddy pool in a shady location and fill with sand. Provide some pails, shovels, and sand toys, and watch the kids add the right touch of imagination.

Set up another pool in a sunny area, fill with water, and let the sun warm the water. Be sure to keep an eye on the pool to keep kids from playing in the water unsupervised.

Have toys like hula hoops, beach balls, and Frisbees ready for play. Beach towels work great when kids need a place to sit and rest or eat lunch.


Games are fun, but optional. Have one or two planned, like hula hoop competitions or beach ball volleyball. Be flexible, and let the youngsters indulge in their own creative play. Kids have a sense of wonder and an eagerness to explore and discover things on their own. Self-paced activity combined with group games is a good balance.


Simple refreshments are best: hot dogs, pizza, or hamburgers with chips and a drink. Finish up with an icy cold, juicy watermelon or frosty ice cream. Just have the kids sit on a beach towel, and if they accidentally spill something, clean up is fast and easy. Some paper towels, plates, and cups are the only necessary supplies for this stage of the festivities.

Water Fun

Do water activities last to let the beach party kids cool off and wind down. Let half the group play in the pool, and half in a water sprinkler, and then alternate as needed. Parents can towel them off and have them change prior to leaving the party. Remember to give each guest a party favor bag as they depart.

Clean up

Clean up is a cinch! The kids who are waiting for rides can help gather up toys, fold beach towels, and pick up trash. Viola! Your kids beach party has been a fun in the sun success, and you have enjoyed it just as much as your guests.


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July 8, 2010

Summer kids’ handicrafts: sponge ball

And for today NECK & NECK has chosen the most funny kids’ handicraft – play for this summer! It’s about the “sponge ball”!!! Great for a game of tag on a scorching hot day, squishy sponge balls (made from kitchen sponges) are summer’s alternative to snowballs. They also make a family chore like car-washing more fun.

A great idea that we have found on Martha Stewart’s website. Click here to get how to.

July 6, 2010

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July 5, 2010

Making Summer Plans

Have a look to Annette Berlin’s article, where you will find some useful ideas to provide you kids a funny and also cheap summer!

No money for camp? Not a penny for vacation? How will you and the kids ever survive the summer?

Very well actually, if you’re willing to get creative. You can treat your kids to a fun, educational and el cheapo summer if you learn to look first at the resources you already have access to before taking out your checkbook.

Start with your library. Libraries often have wonderful music, nature and reading programs running from June through August. Most of the programs are free but they do require you to reserve a place ahead of time, so call early to avoid a last minute disappointment.

Next, work your way over to the new book section. Harry Potter is on every library’s most wanted list but maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be the next to find a copy. If not, dig into some good mysteries, historical fiction and how-to books instead.

Then, see what’s available in the crafts section. Our local library has half a dozen books on making “treasure from trash.” Also search for titles on dough crafts, paper crafts and scrap fabric crafts.

Before you leave, be sure to read the “what’s happening” section of your local newspaper (Discounted newspaper subscriptions). Most big cities have free outdoor concerts, puppet shows and art fairs throughout the summer months. See what’s in your neck of the woods.

June 15, 2010

Summer Camps in England

Today we strongly recommend you to have a look to the following website If you, parents, are thinking about how to take advantage of your children’s holidays, this is your site. You will find out different kinds of summer camps for your children!

Summer Camps are more than just a kid’s holiday they are about sharing new experiences, making great new friends and building special memories that will last a lifetime. Summer camps is more of an ethos than a simple activity programme and the providers listed here have a passion for making it happen and bringing out the best in children. Do you dare?

June 7, 2010

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