September 21, 2010

Back to School

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September 9, 2010

Back to School Prep: Brown-Bag It in Style

Make lunchtime even more appetizing by decorating kids’ lunch bags or boxes with cheery stickers and labels. Some can serve a purpose — personalizing plain containers or sealing sacks shut — others are purely for fun.

And they’re quick and simple to make with a computer and printer, a scanner, or a color copier, plus easy-to-find supplies. With the same tools, you can make a chart that lets kids help plan what to pack.

Find out how to make Lunch Labels at Martha Stewart website

August 31, 2010

Back to School Prep: Cover Books

Sturdy road maps make fitting covers for geography and foreign language textbooks. Cut a piece of map large enough to wrap around a closed book, leaving at least a two-inch border on all sides. Once the book is covered, tie a ribbon to a paper clip; slide the clip onto the cover’s spine for a bookmark.

Do you want to see how to covering books on video? Click here to see it!

August 27, 2010

Back to school prep III: Label to Avoid Lost Items

We carry on with the back to school prep. And today we have found out another useful Marta Stewart’s idea! Label to avoid lost items!!!

Keep better track of children’s clothing, school supplies, and gym equipment with a personalized rubber stamp and permanent ink pad made for fabric. Iron-on fabric tape can be stamped, then affixed to the inside of clothing. Personalized ribbons work well as bookmarks or tags. If the name is visible, use pale ink and small type to protect your child’s identity.

August 24, 2010

Back to school prep II: Homemade Study Center

At Martha Stewart website we have found out some useful “Back to School Tips & Ideas”. 

Kids’ Study Spaces

Kids are more likely to think “inside” the box, even in a busy room, when a cardboard carton is turned into a personal study center. Cut away the bottom, top, and one long side of a large box; trim the height, then slope the sides. Finish edges with colored duct tape. Clamps, rubber bands, and tacks help organize notes, calendars, and other items on the “walls.”

August 20, 2010

Back-to-School Prep I

As the lazy days of summer slip away, it will soon be time to put away the beach chairs and corner lemonade stands and prepare for going back to school.

Ready? Don’t miss our NECK & NECK  tips to make the transition easier!

Have a look at website, they provide you with “nine steps to a smart start”  to make the back to school easier!!

Ease into the school-year schedule. Getting back into the school routine can be a challenge for everyone in the family. To make the adjustment easier, start early.

GreatSchools tip
Start a family calendar in a common area where each family member can write down his or her activities.
  • A few weeks before school starts, move bedtime back to an earlier time.
  • Put a positive spin on going back to school. Talk about the fun things your child will learn, the old friends he’ll see and the new friends he’ll make.
  • If your child is anxious about starting the next grade, reassure her that other children have these feelings too.
  • Don’t make plans for big trips right before the start of school.
  • Establish school-day schedules for homework, TV, baths and bedtime.
  • Arrange play dates with friends from school to re-establish connections that may have been dropped for the summer, or to create new ones.

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